What Makes Us Among The Best Painting Contractors in Clark County

  • 3500+ Projects
  • 1400+ Clients
  • 25 Yrs. Experienced
  • 14 Yrs In Business
  • 14 Yrs Licensed
  • 365 Days A Year

Foundation Experience: Heavy Industrial Painting

A.P.E.'s foundation experience stems from heavy industrial settings. When painting such things as ships and bridges durability is the main focus. When A.P.E. branched out into it's own business in 2001 they carried this same focus into all aspects of painting. Whether it's industrial, commercial, or even residential we follow the same foundational practices.

The Begining of A.P.E. Painting

We launched A.P.E. January 24th of the year 2000. The acronym A.P.E. stands for "All Pacific Enterprises". All Pacific was literally our service area as we contracted up and down the Pacific coast. Due to a growing family and other responsibilities we settled into Clark County and have made this our only service area in 2005.

General Contractor

We specialize in painting... but we are a licensed and experienced general contractor. Sometimes customers are suprised that we handle other types of projects like remodeling and general construction. Over the years we have done almost every phase of construction and remodeling in almost every setting.

Philosophy / Motto

It's not really a philosophy or motto... We just treat our customers the way we we expect to be treated as customers. It sounds so basic, but sadly, many businesses seem to have lost this basic principal. Sometimes businesses come across like the customer owes them something... this is a horrible practice. We feel strongly about not applying high pressure sales, or brow beating our customers into making purchases. We enjoy our work, love our customers, and we reflect that in how we interact with them.

Illustration of painting contractor

The A.P.E. Difference...

A.P.E. begins by being loyal to our customers by performing the work exactly as we perform it on our own homes. We take the time to listen to our customers’ needs and wants. We further completely follow through with all of the work we have stipulated in the estimate. No cutting corners, no surface work. Most of the time we don’t even require a down payment or deposit. We get paid when you are fully satisfied with our work. Isn’t that the way it should be?