Paint Preperation

Image of painter scraping siding for paint surface preperationBad or shoddy preparation will show threw the finish, and most likely the durability of the finish will not last as long or be compromised. In reality preparation is the most important part of the paint job. It's really important to go through the motions even though sometimes they do not really seem necessary.

Important Painting Preperation Steps:

  1. We always start by pressure washing and use various cleaning products to properly prepare the surface. Such products as T.S.P. (Trisodium Phosphate ), or Gone in 30 Seconds depending on the surface.

  2. If there is any mildew or mold we use a bleaching agent that completely kills the mold or mildew so we are not painting over these surfaces.

  3. Letting the surface dry properly after a thorough washing is also a very important step that should not be overlooked.

  4. Next comes scraping, wire brushing, and sanding needed surface areas.

  5. Fully caulking windows (Which helps with heating and cooling expenses), siding, and trim boards. (Trim boards is an area often over looked by contractors and sometimes is not even done in new construction)

No Shortcuts In Preperation

Painter Spraying TSP to prepare Painting SurfaceIn all of this it�s important to not use substandard products. Even something as simple and basic as caulk can last for a long time if you use professional grade caulk and apply it to a clean prepared surface. Some contractors may not feel some of these steps is necessary like pressure washing. But we feel its always important to go through all the steps.

Take for example pressure washing, sometimes it can be a fast clean job. In other cases we may need to go in with scrub brushes and special surface cleaning agents depending on the application and need. But whether it's easy or difficult we know it's necessary to have a truly lasting paint job.

Image of painter pressure washing in preparing for a paint job.

The A.P.E. Difference...

A.P.E. begins by being loyal to our customers by performing the work exactly as we perform it on our own homes. We take the time to listen to our customers’ needs and wants. We further completely follow through with all of the work we have stipulated in the estimate. No cutting corners, no surface work. Most of the time we don’t even require a down payment or deposit. We get paid when you are fully satisfied with our work. Isn’t that the way it should be?